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We adhere to the highest standards of business ethics delivering what we pledge and working to earn the trust of our customers and partners.

We have a team of young and dynamic professionals working closely with the experienced and energetic leadership of the company.

We understand that positive and negative experiences of life are a source of learning and innovation. We will break out of the circle of .

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Royal Star Pharma Ltd acquired license from the Ministry of Health in October 2016 and started operating eventually, RSP is regist ered with the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry (MoCI). RSP has professional approach, financial backing and techni cal capability to import high quality healthcare products to the Pharmaceutical market of Afghanistan. We aim for excellence in thequality and affordability of our products.


Royal Star Pharma was established as a company in October 2016. RSP (Royal Star Pharma) is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under license Number#: 33744

Our Products

Securing Your Health

Our Vission

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading pharmaceutical company in Afghanistan. we are committed to deliver quality and affordability in our products. Our aim is to transform the lives of people and to provide efficient healthcare services with integrity to our customers. we intend to become the primary supplier of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment’s all over Afghanistan, in both private and Government sectors.

Our Mission

we are dedicated to import high quality and affordable pharmaceutical products.

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Securing Your Health

We strongly believe that everyone has the fundamental right to have easy access to legal and high-quality Pharmaceuticals. RSP works in conjunction, support and according to the rules and regulations of the Afghan government, relevant national and international organizations (WHO) to ensure the procedures are being adhered to, and import high quality pharmaceuticals meeting the international standards.

Our Partners

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