Royal Star Pharma

Established in 2016 and Headquartered in Kabul, Royal Star Pharma is the leading importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in Afghanistan.  Royal Star Pharma aims for excellence and responds to the public’s growing need for access to affordable and high quality medicines.   RSP is registered with the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and authorized by Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. RSP has developed strong collaborations with several globally recognized Multinational pharmaceutical manufacturing companies with facilities approved by International Organizations, (WHO, FDA, EUGMP, cGMP. and PIC/S). Royal Star Pharma holds exclusive distribution rights in Afghanistan for Piramal Enetrprises, Bliss GVS, Sanbe, Jon Nures Healthcare UK, Unicure India, Genetex Biotech, Virchow, Nabros Pharma, and Unipex Pharmaceuticals from India, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Mexico.

We have steadily grown our operations through longstanding commercial relationships and the development of strong new customer and supplier partnerships Royal Star Pharma has strong source and supply chain, Modern Storage facilities, nationwide distribution network, creative marketing team and professional staff to deliver the client’s requirement efficiently. Royal Star Pharma is regulated by the National Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority (NMHRA), and all our setups are compliant with International WHO GSDP (Good Storage and Distribution Practices) standards.   Our clients include reputed pharmacy outlets and Pharmaceutical wholesalers including some of the leading private and government hospitals across the country.


Royal Star Pharma is committed to maintain highest quality standards. Customer & Supplier satisfaction have been the company’s top-most priorities.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that everyone has the fundamental right to have easy access to affordable and high-quality medicines.

Our Vision

We are committed to deliver quality and affordability in our products. We aim to improve the standards Of healthcare by providing high quality and affordable pharmaceuticals with the integration of innovative Technology.


We have an environment of open communication, idea sharing and best practices. We achieved this by assembling diverse talents from different backgrounds and fields. The aim is to work together as a team and get a step closer to achieve our vision.  We believe that collectively we can achieve better results.

Talent Development

We believe that building competent and skilled professional is a strategic imperative and we are dedicated to provide continuous capacity building training programs to our staff members in a healthy working environment.


  1. Integrity and transparency.
  2. Teamwork
  3. Passion and Dedication
  4. Reliability.
  5. Quality assurance


We adhere to the highest standards of business ethics delivering what we pledge and working to earn the trust of our customers and partners.